Changing reality by changing the unhealthy identification of ourselves

According to Buddhism as living beings we are holding onto a self, a self-existence, which we take to exist independently in and of itself. Buddhist teachings are helping us to realize that this so-called independently existing self is an illusion.  

However, the self-reference that we identify with or take to be me in any given moment is the core around which our reality unfolds. It is therefore the key for transforming our experience of reality. We spend a lot of our lives trying to master our reality by manipulating the outer environment, often ending up being outerly determined and this is not the most appropriate point. Instead, by becoming more and more aware of the self-referential feeling and being in contact with it, we can have a real opportunity to change it or transform it if necessary to a more healthy self-reference and thereby regain influence or even mastery over our own reality.

In another way we could say as living beings that we are existing in a special dualistic way holding either consciously or unconsciously on an energy level, an independent self, existing by itself. If we are loosening up this holding ontoa self, which doesn’t exist in this way, then we have the opportunity to reach to a deeper essence of our being and discover the dynamic nature of being.

During the weekend course on Self-Referencing, we will explore all those levels in theory and practice, and also gain tools in order to transform our daily life experience.

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