Mandala - Harmonising man and nature

We are going to explore, enrich & balance the basic forces of existence mentally, physically and energy-wise through contemplation, meditation and spontaneous mandala drawing - expression. The mandala drawing shows the dominant pattern to heal, to obtain the optimal functioning of the five elementary forces basic to our being and everything else – which the traditional mandala is an expression of at different levels. The harmonious functioning of the basic life forces are essential and indispensable for a healthy continuation of the existence of the universe and the individual.

Mandala - Harmonising man and nature

"The mandala is a map of the cosmos, it is the whole universe in its essential plan, in its process of emanation and reabsorption. However, the mandala is not only a cosmogram but likewise a psycho-cosmogram, the scheme of disintegration from the One to the many and the reintegration from the many to the One, to the Absolute Consciousness, entire and luminous. Thus the mandala is used in order to find once more the unity of an undiverted consciousness, and to restore in oneself the ideal principle of things." Giuseppe Tucci, "The Theory and Practice of the Mandala".

The traditional Tibetan mandala combines in its structure the five elements, the five basic colours and the five seed syllable sounds - the ground of our being and that of nature itself. All of which is further combined with the five skandhas (our psycho-physical existence), the 'five basic psychological/emotional attitudes', and finally the 'Five Buddha Qualities' – the 'Intrinsic Wisdoms' which are basic to existence as such.

From the understanding of the essence of the traditional mandala, Tarab Tulku has created methods for Personal Development through contacting, enriching and balancing the five element-energy qualities at a physical level, a psychological level and on an energy level respectively, in order to develop a sound connection with the natural energies of inner and outer existence. These methods will be taught and practised during the course.

Furthermore, the participants will have the opportunity to produce and gain insight into their individual mandalas based on their own physical, psychological and energy experiences of the element-qualities. They will thus be able to express and deepen these basic energy-qualities, and to reveal impairments to be worked on.

In this way the participants will explore the different phenomena of the mandala and to the best of their abilities heal and reveal the connections of their psycho-cosmogram in accordance with the ancient Indo-Tibetan Wisdom of the Mandala.