Integrate and Master the Energies of Nature

In order to transcend our fears, alienation and projections, and awaken the potential of being in the natural harmony of body and mind, Tarab Tulku has with this course introduced original Indo-Tibetan practices und untraditional self-development methods which he has developed on the basis of his profound experience and knowledge of Indo-Tibetan philosophy and psychology, and through his understanding of the Western mind.

In the Tibetan Tantric tradition the unity of the most subtle mind energy and the most subtle body energy is the essential key for any real personal and transpersonal development. Accomplishing this intrinsic body-mind unity is the means of transcending duality or relational reality.

However, even within the boundaries of our normal existence, in our ordinary life situation, the relationship between body and mind is of crucial importance: the more separation between body and mind, the less we are able to be in the present experience of reality and the more difficult it is for us to deal appropriately with our life situation. One of the effects of this state is lack of satisfaction in life. Whereas a natural flow of our body and mind energies creates an experience of completeness and presence in whatever we do. When body and mind are in harmony we experience the fullness of life and the wholeness of ourselves.