Helping in Dying Process - Enjoying Living

Defining Death as the end of live can be negatively confronting for the dying person and for relatives, friends or even professional persons, who might be offering consulation and help to the dying person. In all concerned parties ideas and connected feelings in relation to with ones' own life and death appears at such occations.

In accordance with UD the best way to help others when dying is first at all to come to terms with ones' own fears, for instance through an understanding of life and death being interconnected in every moment of our lives; in connection with falling in deep dreamless sleep; and not only with the special situation when we part from our earthly body. The latter we find described in the Eastern Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena.

In this course we will deal with the presence of death in daily life. We will investigate whether or not life is an ongoing movement of creation, being and cessation, and how to deal with change for freeing ourselves from these unnecessary fears, follow the natural rhythm of the moment to moment changing nature for resting in the flow of existence. Also we shall exercise to stay with the feeling of ourselves going through the transformation process of dying, using imagery body, mind and reality, getting in contact with the creativity of becoming anew within. An experiential insight, whcih is healing and revealing.

This course gives the possibility of experiential insight into life, death and existential fears, and into the fact that death, being part and parcel of life itself, is not only a final condition. An insight which at the same time opens to the joy of living. In this way we will give you a tool both for personal development and for professional therapeutic use.