Experiencing beyond language fixation

Touching ground - tuning into reality beyond cultural and individual boundaries

All along our learning process, which is an “acculturation” process, we have created imprints, which will influence our way of experiencing reality. When we learn a language it’s not merely concerning leaning the words we will make ours in order to express ourselves, it is implying a specific process of selection – we are normally not consciously aware of – which is the very gist or essence of any language learning process.

Throughout the acculturation process, we will select and name what appears at a sense level. This selection is the cause as well as the result of the unfoldment of on-going language imprints created all along also learning further description of reality – the latter which on top is also influenced by former individual experiences and personal self-referential feeling conditions.

Continuously, whenever the conceptual mind (which is the mind using language as its tool of perception) function, it describes reality by means of words. This basic description makes us further experience a corresponding mental way of seeing reality accordingly (which we mistakenly take to be the sense reality). Further, we will have a feeling to the reality appearance accordingly. So when conceptually dominated, we basically deal with an abstracted reality, which we fixate by means of the naming and description.

This selective process is the reason why from one culture to another we find different ways of experiencing and even within cultures among persons. Also this is related to the problems arising when translating from one culture or/and language into another, because within any given culture each language is built up according to its whole cultural taken-for-granted reality interpretation.  

To understand this process and to become aware of it gradually allows us to regain freedom as to the way we describe / fixate and otherwise experience reality. This is where we find one opportunity to change: when we become able picking and naming differently to have a new conceptual angle and appearance of reality and feeling experiences accordingly.

All along we may allow ourselves to place more trust in ordinary or even in deeper sense experiences, as forming the common ground for human reality experiencing, beyond individual as cultural boundaries, and learn to use the conceptual capacities merely as tools for describing the sense reality, allowing us instead of relying on a culturally and personally determined fixation of reality, to be in touch with an inner as well as outer reality, which additionally make apparent the constant change and transformation processes of ourselves and outer reality.

Provided we don't let us predetermine by the conceptual mind and it’s fixation of reality, and provided we open up ourselves anew to all our capacities and to all the opportunities of experiencing reality, we could get pretty much in charge of our reality and change accordingly.