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'Body' / 'Mind' / 'Reality' interrelationship

The body with its senses, sets the mental frame of reference. The body-mind, forming an inseparable pair, is within the Indo-Tibetan Tantric tradition reckoned to have different functional levels - each determining a specifically related reality, ranging from a conceptually determined reality to the most subtle reality of subject/object unity.
Attempting to heal ourselves we will explore and experience different body-mind and reality levels of existence, slowly touching deeper into this, our natural and sound base.

Nature of Body-Mind
Beyond the surface manifestation

The ancient Indo-Tibetan tradition has many methods of going beyond the surface manifestation of mind in order to reach our intrinsic nature. Some direct methods for accomplishing the Basic Mind Nature are those of Mahamudra, Dzog-Chen, and meditation on Sunyata.

The nature of 'mind' is characterised as the intrinsic quality of sal and rig (clarity/movement/trace of embodiment and radiance 'awareness' principle) related with mind and energy in matter. However, even though sal-rig  is the basis from which any mental and physical aspect of ourselves appears and develops, and is actually part of any state, this subtle mind-body energy is generally not accessible to us in our normal state of being. In the normal state we are merely identifying with the conceptualising mind and the connected emotions.

During this course the participants will be introduced to different original methods which provide experience and insight into the nature of the body-mind. This takes place on different levels - both on the surface and at more subtle levels, as well as into the accompanying subject (body-mind) - object (experienced reality) interrelationships.

Participants will learn methods to develop a more deep and profound subject-object relationship. First at all this makes it possible to calm the conceptualising mind and its accompanying emotions, and thereby provide the space to experience a more direct and uninterrupted sense-perception. This gives insight into projections we otherwise take to be true reality. Secondly we learn to experience a more profound layer of wholeness being, which is the core of actual self-healing as well as radical psychotherapeutic healing.