U.D. Module II - Personal Development

These 6 courses in Unity in Duality Personal Development emphasize the fundamental interrelationships of Subject – Object, Body – Mind, Potential Field – Matter, in theory and practice.

Prerequisites: Participation in Module I.
Each course: 5 days with teaching, group work, individual sessions and studies.
Time frame: 1½ year.

Module II, 1: A unique presentation of all types of mind always operating on the basis of an embodiment categorized under a tri-partition particular to U.D. in terms of (a) conceptual mind, (b) image mind and (c) feeling/uniting types of minds. We will access a truly genius and comprehensive mapping of types and levels of body and mind interrelationships.
1st Exam: Written examination on the four Schools of Mind and Reality followed by discussion in plenum.

Module II, 2: Studying the dynamics of the different types of mind and how they connect to the subconscious and universal levels of existence, realizing how self-referential imprints impact our lives as the self-reference unfolds, rendering the self-references transparent for starting to change to the better our experience of reality.

Module II, 3: Exploring and rediscovering our inner resources and abilities as human beings in order to change our self-feeling and self-referential structures that otherwise pop up automatically and rule our lives. We will further enhance this by seeking outer resources, which are a valid help and a necessity when approaching our deeper sense of being/sanity, making it possible to undertake dual transformation of the problematic core structure, in order that we can become masters of ourselves again and in doing so attain inner and outer freedom.

Module II, 4: Exploring non-dual transformation of the problematic core structure by gradually participating in the death process of disruptive self-references – opening up to the possibility of clearing up the destructive subconscious, determining structures. Also the penetrating insight into the similarities between the process of dying, the process of higher meditation and of non-dual transformation will be rendered transparent.

Module II, 5: Studies and training concerning the interrelationships and unity nature of subject-object, body-mind and energy-matter with particular regard to: synthesis of "Unity in Duality".
2nd Exam: Clarifying and sharing with the other course attendants the U.D.-view and Personal Development on basis of the acquired understanding and experiences of Module I and II.

+ weekend courses - Contacting and deepening inner personal abilities in regard to:

Additionally 2 individual sessions in U.D. Personal Development (1 hr. per session). For participants of Module III, at least 2 individuals sessions in U.D. Psychotherapeutic Application (2-3 hrs. per session). In between the courses, the participants are suggested to meet in local peer groups for joint discussion of U.D. material and practice the taught exercises.