Lucid Dream Wisdom

Lucid-Dream Wisdom BookLucid-Dream Wisdom

by Lene Handberg

"Tarab Tulku Rinpoche’s yogic practice and theory made available for a modern audience"

 Now available on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle


"Lucid Dream Wisdom is a genuine eye-opener and a true treasure box."

It has been uniquely designed to provide you with everything you need to know and more on the insight from Dream Yogis on lucid dreaming and life.

It will show you Tarab Tulku Rinpoche’s Yogic practise and theory and how to apply his guidance into your everyday life.

Lene Handberg has thoughtfully crafted a wonderful book, which shows you a step-by-step approach for developing your inner capacities and body-mind beingness, beyond religious and cultural boundaries.

With its down-to-earth approach this guide will be a wonderful addition to any spiritual journey, lying transparent the Body and Mind interrelations between walking, dream and meditation states - ready for you to explore.


You will all along this journey learn about a wide variety of topics such as:

• The Basic Principles of the Buddhist Psychology underlining all the ancient Eastern Traditions

• Dual and Non-dual Transformation for Personal and Spiritual Development working with Recalled Dreams

• Training your Body & Mind Beingness for handling Lucid Dreaming as well as Everyday Life

• Entrance to Traditional Dream Yoga…. And so much more…


Whether you are already a capable meditator and/or someone wanting to learn lucid dreaming, this book is a brilliant assistant. The treasure box is open for you to pick what you need.


The Lucid Dream Wisdom Available Now on Amazon Kindle store and bookstore worldwide.