Unity in Duality - Tendrel Report - 5e. Unity in Duality - Introduced Through an Exposition of Tendrel.

5e. Unity in Duality - Introduced Through an Exposition of Tendrel.
       Tarab Tulku, Dr. Phil. / Lharampa Geshe

The spiritual goal of Buddhism being to realize the unity or void nature, Nargajuna used the insight into the integral nature of existence of the four opposites as the proof of the void-nature of existence and as the proof of the non-inherent existence of phenomena.
    But if we just consider our normal life, leaving out spiritual goals, when we experience something as problematic this seems to be due to our holding the view of some - if not all - of these contradictions, divorced from the view of the unities: i.e. problems seem to rise due to the experienced contradiction between 'becoming' and 'cessation', between the 'finite' and the 'infinite', between 'localization' and 'de-localization', between 'part' and 'whole'.

The contradictions and the unities are present at all times. The 'finite', 'localized' and 'part' surface appearance is common to all that exists. Beyond that the 'infinite', 'de-localization', and 'wholeness' prevails. It is this continuous flow, the unification beyond the surface that makes existence possible, without which it would come to a natural halt.
    Also, the basically deep survival instinct, the wishing to survive pre-eminent in all types of existence, (not least in humans), is disrupted and deeply disturbed by experiencing the contradiction side of the opposites only. Connecting with the underlying experience of continuation would support and sustain the deep feeling of survival, which naturally strengthens the individual.

Implementing the understanding of the integral nature of existence of these opposites - unities, or even better, if we could embody the experience of these, many of our problems in life would decrease, and instead give rise to a positive impact in terms of harmony and insight, which could carry us far beyond our present condition both individually, inter-culturally, inter-nationally as well as in our connection with nature.

In order to integrate the oppositions and the unities for transcending the connected problems, insight into the Unity in Duality nature of reality, by means of the three unities of body-mind, subject-object and energy-matter, seems to be very beneficial.

  • As we experience reality on the basis of the body condition (physical senses), the body sets the frame for the mind. Deepening the co-operation between these two interdependent aspects, the body and mind, makes the mind calm down and its experience of reality becomes more natural. Deepening the subtlety in regard to body-mind it is possible once again to reconnect with our many different latent abilities, accessing reality in a 'unified' way and thereby also to reconnect with the underlying stream of continuation.

  • As energy is always basic to and saturates matter, when dealing with matter this implies a connection to the energy beyond the matter nature. When we experience the energy of matter, matter becomes no longer 'localized' and isolated. Touching the basic nature of matter, its energy basis, implies that the functional entities of the individual manifestation are no longer separate, but are interrelated, basically 'unified' and 'de-localized'.

  • As the conceptual mind (subject), abstracts and crystallizes reality (object) it cannot conceive of the ongoing process of existence, i.e. identifying with any of the conceptually fixed moments of existence encapsulates the subject and gives rise to fear of its 'finite' nature. Being less ruled by the conceptual mind opens up to the flow of existence in its natural and 'infinite' nature.