Unity in Duality - Tendrel Report - 1. Introduction

1. Introduction

In October 10th - 13th, 2002, the International Unity in Duality - Tendrel Conference of Science and the Humanities was held in Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich, Germany, attended by His Holiness the XIV. Dalai Lama, Tarab Rinpoche (the initiator) and top scientists from a diversity of academic fields from many parts of the world. The conference was attended by around 700 persons in average.
    As a prelude to the conference all scientists attended a one day Pre-Conference Meeting on Unity in Duality - Tendrel, which at the end was honoured by the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In the tradition of exchange, which H.H. the XIV. Dalai Lama has been conducting for many years with leading Western scientists and scholars, Dr. Phil. / Lharampa Geshe Tarab Tulku Rinpoche initiated the International Conference of Science and the Humanities UNITY IN DUALITY - TENDREL.
    At Rinpoche's invitation H.H. the Dalai Lama, together with scientists and scholars from the fields of biology, astrophysics, physics, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy explored the central paradigm of UNITY IN DUALITY - TENDREL, in order to render transparent the conjunction of ancient Indo-Tibetan "inner" wisdom and modern science.
    While the insights of Western science has mainly been applied to foster material development, the experiential knowledge contained in Eastern philosophy and its deep rooted 'science of the mind and reality' has been applied to foster inner harmony and spiritual development in an unbroken line over the last 2,500 years. Through the merging of the universal knowledge of East and West this ancient wisdom could have a deep impact on the personal, social and environmental dimensions of our modern world.
    It was Tarab Rinpoche's wish, that the UNITY IN DUALITY - TENDREL CONFERENCE, through its collaboration with modern scientific research, would be a step in the direction of releasing its powerful implications, to create inner and outer harmony and to be implemented in the fields of human relationships and for the preservation of nature.



His Holiness the XIV. Dalai Lama (Noble Peace Prize Laureate)
Prof. Dr. Richard R. Ernst (Noble Prize Laureate)

KEYNOTE LECTURE: Dr. phil. Tarab Tulku

STR. Lene Handberg (psychotherapist, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (biologist, London, England)
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr (physicist, Munich, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Jean Bolen (psychiatrist & psychoanalyst, San Francisco, US)
Dr. Candace Pert (pharmacologist, Washington, D.C., US)
Prof. Dr. Humberto Maturana Romesin (neurobiologist, Santiago, US)
Prof. Dr. Trinh Xuan Thuan (astrophysicist, Virginia, US).
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fasching (engineer/physicist, Vienna, Austria)
M.A. Marit Rullmann (philosopher, Bochum, Germany)