Margareta Levén

Margareta Levén Semrig Tablam Mawa degree (S.T.M.) in U.D.

Legitimated Psychologist and legitimated Psychotherapist registered Supervisor and Teacher in PDT (Psychodynamic Psychotherapy) and Specialist within Clinical Psychology. For many years worked with therapy and research within public health service with special care of people suffering from trauma and severe illness. In 1999 got the possibility to follow the Unity in Duality (U.D.) training by Tarab Tulku and Lene Handberg in Stockholm. In 2007 got Semrig Thablam Mawa (U.D.) in Copenhagen. Now retired and goes on with private practice. Since some years gets training in how to add instruments like gongs clangbowls and monochord in the psychotherapeutic work, registered clang masseuse.