Jean-Gérard Bloch

Semrig Thablam Mawa (S.T.M.) in UD.
PhD, Rheumatologist and osteopath with a master degree in Science in Neuro-Immuno-Pharmacology.
Certified teacher of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction ) by the CFM-University of Massachusetts Medical School and trainer of instructors for the CFM. Vice President of the ADM Association for the Development of Mindfulness since 2011. President of Tarab Institute France 2006-2010, of Tarab Project Association 2010-2013. He created at the Medical School of the University of Strasbourg in 2012 a Diploma of Medicine Meditation and Neurosciences. He created and tought a module of meditation in the 3rd year of Medical School and in the master of Cognitive Therapy in Psychology in the University of Strasbourg.  Since 2006 he holds the Semrig Thablam Mawa (S.T.M.) degree in UD and was the student of Tarab Rinpoche from 2000.