Catherine Pawlik

Catherine PawlikSocial education worker since 1980, Cathy has initiated numerous alternative educational projects. Very early in her life, she discovered the benefits of yoga and adapted her yoga practice to a young public. (She has been teaching yoga in schools for more than ten years.) She is a graduated master in Yoga after a 4-year training with Sri Mahesh, recognized by the French Federation of Hatha Yoga.
During those last years, she has been following a training in Tibetan yoga and energetic methods. She is certified as Kum Nye teacher, a healing yoga passed on by Tarthang Tulku. In her daily life, she teaches non-duality yoga (from Jean Klein) and prenatal yoga in the South of France.
Her meeting with Tarab Tulku and Lene Handberg in 1991 has been decisive in all aspects of her life. Deepening both her yoga practice and her UD understanding for the last 20 years, she now shares her realization through leading deeper and deeper body-awareness exercises, all along UD training weeks in France and India.