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Transformation of 'Self ' - Ego Death and Rebirth of 'Self '

The self is the core around which we create our reality, and is thus the key for changing our experience of reality. Realising that and acquiring experiential insight into the unities of body-mind, subject-object we could radically change ourselves to be more harmonious, open and flexible person.

The natural state of "being-one-self" is basically related to the interrelationship between positive-negative, life-death, body-mind and subject-object. However, due to the general striving for survival, which characterizes existence on a dualistic level, we protect ourselves through means of attraction to what might sustains us and rejection of that which might be destructive. On this basis, through our conceptually based perceptions, entangled with our emotions, we gradually develop many layers of self, ego or identity. The more we identify with an outer layer of ourselves the more imbalanced, vulnerable, fearful and sensitive we become.

Due to this process, in particular in highly rational and technological cultures where we no longer are so dependent on our natural body abilities but instead tend to lose or repress them, we instead bring about further alienation to ourselves, to nature and our surroundings in general. As a consequence of this loss we also decrease drastically the natural connection with our subtle mental and physical energies and the natural connections with our basic genuine nature of "being-one-self". We therefore mainly rely on the mentally fabricated idea of self, which is one of the main reasons for fear and mental disorientation.

In order to reverse this process of on-going alienation from our basic genuine being, we will on this course practice several methods, through which participants can gradually become aware of the different layers of fixed conceptions of themselves – for going beyond these. Furthermore participants will learn methods to support and strengthen the more natural being-one-self; for instance through dealing directly with the pure sensing and the body-mind energy. In accordance with our abilities with these methods we will be able to go beyond the superficial mental fabrications of ourselves and help us get in touch again with the dynamic base of our being. This is a condition that reduces our fears and subsequent emotions, and allows for love and compassion to rise and flow instead.