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The Foundation Tarab Institute International (FTI-Inter or FTII) / Fonden Tarab Institute International

In 2007 Tarab Institute International was founded by representatives of the National Tarab Institutes and graduates of the Unity of Duality Training (UD). It was felt necessary to have an institution which operates on an international level coordinating the activities of the national institutes including Tarab Ling in India. Members of a provisional board were elected (Lene Handberg, Axel Brenzinger, Sandrine Gousset, Fleming Svejstrup, Norbu Wangchuk, Francois Calmes) to organize and coordinate the activities necessary for the establishment of FTII. The initial task was to establish the statutes of FTII and ethical rules.

What is the purpose of FTII?
UD Training and weekend courses were given in various European countries and since 2006 in India; teaching in India for Tibetan students and the foundation of Tarab Ling (which is now being built) was a deep wish of Tarab Rinpoche. It seemed appropriate to create an institution, which takes care of higher organisational tasks and secures the establishment and future existence of Tarab Ling.

The main tasks of FTII, which is a non-profit organization and tax-relieved are the following (see statutes):

  1. Teaching and research in UD Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena, Personal Development, and Art of Relating as well as Spiritual Development. This includes compiling UD educational materials, overseeing educational quality (e.g. exams regulations have been developed) and appointing competent teachers and assistants for the UD education (the requirements for the accreditation of UD professionals have been defined).
  2. Studies are encouraged and supported, which investigate the interfaces of UD and modern western natural sciences and humanities and the possible impact in both directions. 
  3. Publication of literature including translations, establishment of a Tarab Rinpoche archive, etc. 
  4. Responsible for the UD education and verification of teachers and content of other UD courses as well as coordinating and planning other educational activities, e.g. international conferences in cooperation with the national Tarab Institutes. 
  5. Distribution of information about UD via media. 
  6. Support of educational institutions aspiring to UD and single persons doing research on UD.

The running costs of FTII are managed through a percentage of the teaching revenues and the TII fund, which is the basis for projects like the building of Tarab Ling, scholarships for Tibetan UD students etc., is built by donations from teaching and other arrangements by the Tarab Institutes and from other associations / funds as well as donations given by private persons.

The Foundation TII consist of a representative from each of the Tarab Institutes and Tarab Ling, a representative from the UD Teachers and one from the UD Graduates.