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Book launch event: „Lucid Dream Wisdom“ by Lene Handberg

Book launch: „Lucid Dream Wisdom“ by Lene Handberg Tarab Tulku Rinpoche’s Yogic Practice and Theory made available for a modern audience

About this event


Tarab Tulku Rinpoche Larampa Geshe (1935-2004) was a great dream yogi, mastering the art of lucid dreaming from an early age. He used the dream state as the main platform for his spiritual development.

The book “Lucid Dream Wisdom” provides a step by step approach on how one can use dream material as well as everyday stressful or adverse experiences for personal and spiritual development. It introduces Tarab Rinpoche’s Unity in Duality (UD) approach based in the ancient Indo-Tibetan Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena reaching back to the Nalanda University tradition.

The book launch event will highlight the relevance of the practical experiential practices and theoretical frameworks for various areas and professions given today’s challenges:

Agenda: (tentative)

The relevance of „Lucid Dream Wisdom“ in today’s world.

Lene Handberg, Educational Director, Tarab Institute International


How psychotherapy benefits and changes using UD approaches.

Christine Klett-Esters, Specialist in Psychotherapeutic Medicine


UD in Organisational Development & Leadership

Frances Nijssen, Business Coach & Facilitator


The benefit of UD in Mediation and Legal Practice

Olga Arjona Mendoza, Lawyer & Mediator


Followed by a Q&A session and discussion.

The presentations will be in English and translated into German, Spanish, French, ...?

The event will take place on Zoom.



Lene Handberg, Semrig Thablam Rabjam

Educational Director, Tarab Institute International

Lene Handberg assisted Lharampa Geshe Tarab Tulku XI for 25 years in developing the comprehensive Unity in Duality® (Inner Science, Personal-Development, Art-of-Relating and Therapeutic and Spiritual Application) training. Together, they extracted the universalities, beyond culture and faith, of the Indo-Tibetan Inner Science and relevant practices. Tarab Tulku designated Lene Handberg in 2004 as his successor. She holds a Semrig Thablam Rabjam degree (S.T.R./PhD) and is teaching this approach predominantly in the regional Tarab Institutes in Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Slovakia, Holland, Slovakia, Spain and India together with a good team of UD Graduates.

Frances Nijssen, Semrig Thablam Mawa

Business Coach & Facilitator

Frances Nijssen holds a Master degree in literature and sociology and studied organizational psychology and management of change. She was a senior lecturer at HAN, University of Applied Science and teaches at several national institutes for Leadership. She is coaching individuals and organizations on processes of transformation and change. She also studied at the Berlin Institute for Core Energetics. Since 1994 she practices (Tibetan) Buddhism and guides Buddhist study- and meditation groups. She acquired the degree of Semrig Thablam Mawa (STM) in Unity in Duality, Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology.

Christine Klett-Esters, Semrig Thablam Mawa

Specialist in Psychotherapeutic Medicine (Fachärztin für psychotherapeutische Medizin)

1983 - 1986 Medical and psychotherapeutic work in an addiction clinic, in private practice since 1987. Focus: depth psychology-based psychotherapy.

Advanced training in Gestalt therapy (FPI), family therapy, hypnosis; 2003 - 2007 training 'Unity in Duality' - Science of Consciousness and Phenomena (Tarab Tulku Rinpoche) STM-Degree 2012

Olga Arjona Mendoza

Lawyer and Mediator

Olga Arjona Mendoza is working as a mediator and facilitator in groups in the prevention, management, and resolution of conflict (Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

With personal experience in meditation for many years and motivated by her interest in change in both people and organizations. Conscious leadership and management of conflicts derived from neighborhood coexistence and in the organizational environment.

At the academic level she has a degree in law from the University of Girona (Spain), postgraduate in intellectual property and copyright law. Mindfulness instructor trained in Spain (MBSR stress reduction program by the University of Massachusetts). Trained in humanistic psychology as a Gestalt therapist. Postgraduate in development of organizations. Postgraduate in public conflict resolution and community mediation. Trained in the SAT program of Claudio Naranjo, Psychology of enneatypes (Enneagram). Ongoing studies in “Unity in Duality”, Science of Consciousness and Phenomena, Tarab Institute

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Friday, April 8, 2022