Shamata & Vipassana

Entering the spiritual dimension
Shamata and Vipassana in accordance with Tarab Tulku Rinpoche

In this summer-retreat we together will discuss and investigate shamata and vipassana, and the importance of the attainment of both for entering the spiritual dimension along the line of Tarab Rinpoche’s Unity in Duality teaching.

There are many different meditation practices leading towards attainment of shamata. We will introduce some, for instance using ‘colours’ and ‘element’ visualization meditation, enhancing one’s more subtle beingness, as presented in the Abbhidharmakosa by Vasubhandu – Nalanda Uni. Scholar. We will also use ‘sound’ and ‘nature of mind’ meditations for entering into deeper uniting experiencing, semi-shamata. And finally, on this basis, we will try to use subtle forces of the intellect for training semi-vipassana, deepening our insight and realization of our selves and reality.

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Country Place Lector Date
DE Germany Berlin S.T.R. Lene Handberg 8-Nov-2024 to 13-Nov-2024 Shamata & Vipassana