Love & Compassion

Experiencing deep, unflinching love and compassion is dependent upon the ability to be open to oneself and others without resistance or defenses. When we are open we have inner space for experiencing what actually “is” without projection and expectation.

Using methods developed by Tibetan lama Tarab Tulku will help participants move through layers of mental and emotional constructs to identify, experience and bring to the fore this natural inner dimension, whose essential characteristic is a feeling of existing without the need for outer support – taking care of one’s own system. When we are established in this natural state of being, without the need of support from others, we feel strong in ourselves and can embrace all of life fearlessly with curiosity, interest and abiding love.

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Country Place Lector Date
DE Germany Berlin S.T.R. Lene Handberg 12-Jul-2024 to 17-Jul-2024 Love and Compassion