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Geneviève Hamelet

Geneviève Hamelet

Geneviève Hamelet holds a Master of Sophrology in social prophylaxis and studied in the field of contemplative therapy. 

She also holds a Semrig Thablam Mawa degree (S.T.M.) in UD (Unity in Duality Eastern Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena and its Application), and from 2000 she has been translator for Tarab Rinpoche and Lene Handberg. She is teaching UD within the Education committee in Tarab Institute France.

She is a certified MBSR teacher and trainer (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program) & was also trained in MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy). After 10 years of collaboration with the CFM/Umass medical school where Jon Kabat-Zinn originally developed the MBSR program, she joined the original team of senior MBSR Teachers/trainers who moved to Brown University to develop the “Mindfulness Center”. 

She contributes to the development of Mindfulness Based Interventions in French speaking countries, as President of the ADM (Association for the Development of Mindfulness).
Buddhist student for the last 25 years, within Vajrayana and Theravada, and mostly student of Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche, she also translates many teachers in these traditions.