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Newsletter Issue 7

Date of publishing: 
June, 2009

Table of contents:
1. Unity in Duality in the Context of Indian Spiritual Traditions. With a personal account by Tarab Tulku Rinpoche. Transcript of speech, Sigonce, June, 2003. Edited by Lene Handberg.
2. Presentation of TII (Tarab Institute International) and Board of Directors.
3. Special Announcement of U.D. Activities in Marcevol. TII Conference-Week and Dzogchen Summercourse 2009.
4. New Book on Tarab Rinppoche. Tarab Tulku XI,
A Tibetan Lama in Denmark.
5. News from the National Institutes.
6. News from India. 2008 Report by Norbu Wangchug.
7. The Tarab Ling Building Project. A short tale of resent events, May 2009. By Morten Rolighed Jensen, Architect
and more...

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