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Newsletter Issue 5

Date of publishing: 
July, 2006

The fifth Unity in Duality Newsletter brings an article by Venerable Tarab Tulku Rinpoche on "Death and Rebirth as a Natural Pulsation of Existence". The choice of this article relates to the main content of this newsletter: A presentation as well as the Inauguration of the Stupa for the Venerable Tarab Tulku Rinpoche's Relics in DK. We are delighted to bring Good News concerning the Tarab Ling Building Project, India: We are going to build now! Further we bring an article by Tsering Namgyal Khortsa, one of the Tibetan participants in the Unity in Duality Training in India; followed by information on the Unity in Duality Training in India - open for Tibetans and Westerners alike - time to register! Finally we announce the Unity in Duality Training programs to start in Europe: Pragh or Krakov 09/2007 or 04/2008 - arranged by Tarab Institute DK/International; Paris, France 12/2007 - arranged by Tarab Institute, France; Frankfurt, Germany autumn 2008 - arranged by Tarab Institute Germany; All open for registration!

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