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Newsletter Issue 4

Date of publishing: 
January, 2006

The fourth Unity in Duality Newsletter brings an elucidating article on the "Body/Mind Interrelationship" by Tarab Tulku Rinpoche, based on questions inspired by the Munich U.D. conference 2002. The rest of this issue is devoted to the presentation of Tarab-Ling Building Project, which we now have to finish in 2007, as we are going to host the 12th incarnation of the Tarab Lama and his entourage until the Tarab Tulku XII is mature enough to proceed to Drepung University Monastery (around age 12). Also you will find news of the U.D. Education in India for Tibetans; on the new line of Module III of the U.D. Education; and finally the presentation of the Tarab Institute International, the future umbrella organization for the Tarab Institutes.

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