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Combating Stress - A Unity in Duality Approach

We are all acquainted with nervous twitching, back pain, stomach pain and just running around in circles; also that we are too hectic to feel our own being - thereby we make it difficult for ourselves to feel well and adjusted, and instead feel confused and don't have an overview. This could be discerned as the first signs of stress. Stress has become a widespread condition.

There are many theories about how we can change our stressed way of being. According to Unity in Duality partly due to our modern, over-rational way of living we don't have harmony and balance in our inner world, and therefore we more easily develop stress and stress related diseases than ever. If we should get to the root of the problem, we need to seriously understand our underlying tendencies; gain awareness and try to change them.

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Country Place Lector Date
SK Slovakia ZOOM Cecilia Innanen 27-Feb-2021 to 28-Feb-2021 Combating Stress - A Unity in Duality Approach